Annual meeting in Peace and Friendship

Opening of the 2019 annual meeting in the board of the international organization Peace and Friendship As president of honor I wish you welcome to this annual meeting. It’s held in Aarhus, Denmark on August 25, 2019. 
The world of to day has peaceful conditions in the greater part of the area, a good and very important feature. 
However, we should be aware, that also in areas without war, a lot of troubles, problems and conflicts are going on, having serious consequences for involved people. That should be taken into account and handled in proper ways. 
Peace and Friendship is an organization among other NGOs, having in it’s goal to point at the problems in order to create conditions for solutions. I think, that our complicated world always will need organizations like Peace and Friendship. 
A moment ago I said, that the world has peaceful conditions in the majority of its area. But we all know, that civil war has continued for years in Ukraine, Syria and Yemen. Furthermore develops from time to time war like conditions between Israel and Palestine. Also in Afghanistan, Iraq and the northern Pakistan civil war breaks out from time to time. It’s also called terrorist actions. All has very serious consequences for the people involved. 
Until now, none of the peacemaking attempt has had any success in the named cases. 
Could we imagine, that a number of NGOs, Peace and Friendship included, could set up a common taskforce, which in coordination with peacemakers as the Swedish and Norwegian government could start up creation of conditions for peacetalks between the conflicting entities?? 
Ending the opening speech I express my serious hopes for movements for towards mutual understanding and acceptance in the world, in fact that peace and frienship should be the general aim of the humanity. 
Best wishes 
Søren Vibe


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