Summary definition programs - and goals - and projects, «Peace and Friendship International Organization»

Peace and friendship international organization the largest international gathering voluntary independent in the Kingdom of Denmark, it ‘s working in more than 33 countries around the world and includes more than 1.02 million members through the latest statistics for 2014 and includes in its ranks all the different age groups of all religions and sects furthermore  it’s an independent comprehensive  organization established in the Kingdom of Denmark Aarhus on 8-8-2008. it works to encourage volunteering charity between all its members around the world, as well as it’s working to fight against extremism, intolerance and terrorism .Moreover It strives to promote the spirit of love, tolerance and peace among all peoples through the work of the Organization's continued to contribute to the support and development of human activities and volunteer work around the world In order fair decent life for all.


Objectives: -

1 - Promote respect Human Rights and its freedoms and publishing awareness of these rights and freedoms.

 2 - Work with all national and regional and international organizations, bodies additionally civil society organizations in order to stop the wars and conflicts.

3 – Work to help victims armed conflict of the infected, displaced, refugees and the affected .

4 - Work to contribute to the relief campaigns in the event of natural disasters and wars.

5 - Establish equality principles and peaceful coexistence, dialogue , anti-discrimination in all its forms.

6 - Defense of opinion and expression freedom then promote, foster dialogue culture and the recognition of others.

7 - The fight against poverty through advancement of various fragile groups and provide assistance to them.

8 - Quest to reach special needs people in the world and to provide the necessary requirements for their life.

9 - Development of communities and individuals in the field of rights and freedoms.

10 - Support communities all logistical or financial means in the areas of sustainable development.

11 Encourage youth capacities and strengthen their projects, innovations in order to develop their productivity competencies to revive their countries economies.

12 - work with all peoples of the world in order to Maintain ground including from natural ingredients and the fight pollution and promote agriculture and the provision potable water.

13 – Organize cultural forums and attend international events that target the deployment of all human rights principles.

14 - Revive culture of values Reconciliation, tolerance and rejection violence and to resort to conflicts.

15 - Respect for human rights In order to live in dignity and with freedom and justice.


1 - Conduct studies, research and publishing  exercise activities also awareness through the media in all its forms.

2 - observe and dissemination  the reality of human rights and democracy in the community positively and negatively.

3 - monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the situation of human rights and issue reports , appeals, statistics and information relating to this.

4 - Provide legal aid.

5 - Organize training courses and rehabilitative, seminars and workshops  , conferences besides solidarity events ,  dialogue and discussion sessions

6 - Create a multimedia library, website and issuing publications.

7-Establish relations and partnership with national, regional and international organizations active in the field of human rights and democracy.

8 – Facing all violations of human rights and freedoms or any other breach of legality, the principle of the rule of law in all Legal means and the principle of the rule of law in all Legal means which its provided the legal system Including recourse to the justice and the issuance the statements, Sit-ins and revealed that public opinion


Projects sponsored by the organization around the world:

1 - Peace land Project. «It’s peace global village. «The organization are seeking to create it with the help of many countries and humanitarian organizations, the companies and volunteers who want to spread love, tolerance and world peace.

2. Panel of love and peace international " it's the longest art panel Participate in the drawn many countries of the world and that we seek to register it as the biggest record for the longest peace panel  in the world wherein  exceeded its length by the end of 2014  1,000 linear meters In order to be officially registered in Quinis book of records  and through it check world record and strong message for World Peace  furthermore the rights Panel of love and peace international officially registered for our representative in Saudi Arabia artist Abdeladim  damin.

3 - care center and support refugees, it’s "a center for rehabilitation and support refugees in the Kingdom of Denmark, in Aarhus city, the second largest city in the Kingdom of Denmark.




Mobil: 004 571 608 333

Mobil:004 571 655 513

80 Gr?nnegade ?rhus Frivilligcenter

?rhus C  8000




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